Note to Self (201) This Post is for You

You, the liar, the backstabber, the individual who I thought loved me for me. You haven’t digested the fact that we’re done. You don’t want to see me work on my problems and improve my life because you know you’re a loser. So let me tell you this: being sober makes me want to show you how little you mean to me. You are insignificant. You are such a narrow-minded self centered being, you don’t deserve any pity. So please, hate me. Think the worst of me. I enjoy the fact you keep coming to this blog to read my posts and then, because your brain is so small and unable to process any complex reasoning, you make up stories about how I talk about people behind their back. Yeah, I’m a writer. Everyone’s a freaking source of inspiration here. I will talk about people in my life, may you like it or not. Anything else you say, think or do doesn’t matter now because this post will the last one I’m gonna write about you.

Take a good look at yourself. Enjoy what you’re seeing. In the end, I only wanna laugh at you because you have become so pathetic. At least, you’re not fooling me anymore.


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