Note to Self (155) Rationale and Judgment

I want to go for a walk in the park. Away from the crowd, out of work and far from all the responsibilities that pollute my every day routine. And walking seems like the perfect solution to clear my head.

Rationale = Romeo

Judgment = Juliet

Emotional roller coasters aren’t fun, and I’m no lover of drama. Shakespeare’s showdowns look great in books, but let’s be serious: the Capulets and the Montagues belong six feet under, and should stay there.

Yeah. Easier said than done I guess. Friendships and relationships become worse as my involvement grows. Is there an island I can fly to and stay hidden until people forget about me? I’d take my cats to keep me company. I really don’t need much. Beans, water, fruit, and we’re set.

Gah! There’s no way out. Truth is, I’m my worst enemy, and I hate being alone.

Listen to your heart, but be a rational being. What? Rationality made me marry an a-hole. So yeah… So much for not listening to my heart, huh?

I was supposed to move on and find myself a nice dude who would pick up the pieces and fix my broken heart. But from what I’ve experienced, dating is a freaking game for morons and I certainly suck at it. Too many feelings, too many expectations. Trust issues, one divorce under my belt, my baggage weighs a few pounds indeed. Somehow, I still believe I’m not completely screwed though. Right????

Ugh. This fight of what to do best will never be over. I guess I’m stuck.

Can I go for my walk now? I seriously need to unwind. And maybe battle a few angry haters on the way too. 😉


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  1. Rob Adams

    Balance is essential. Never let your rational mind loose without your impulsive heart tagging along for the ride. The opposite is true, too.

    And when they disagree? Go with your heart.

    But then, I’m a romantic sap, so take that into account.

    • themanicheans

      Ha yeah, I tend to follow my reason more than my heart actually. I tend to consider romance and feelings blind more than they help. When I wonder whether whatever I want to do is the right thing or the wrong thing, I often wish I could follow my heart. It’d make my life maybe more exciting. But I like to be grounded. I love romance though. In books and movies. 🙂

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