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Trauer – Short Film

I’ve been busy working on my first short film, Trauer, as part of a project I had to complete with the School of Visual Arts. Here’s the final result. Call it a catharsis, this project could be compared to a painful birth with a beautiful delivery. Enjoy! divorceschool of visual artsshort film

Note to Self (169) I’m Done

So it all ended today. Several years of a broken relationship are over. And I feel good about it. Relieved I don’t have to deal with this crap anymore. I made the decision to stop the legal proceedings. Some would think I am a loser because of it, because I didn’t keep fighting for things…

Note to Self (137) Court Day

Today I went to court. First hearing for my divorce proceedings. I hadn’t seen my ex in months. I sensed his presence in the hallway and I ignored him. I didn’t once look at him. I kept writing my story on my phone and I waited for a decision to be made. What would await…