Note to Self (169) I’m Done

So it all ended today. Several years of a broken relationship are over. And I feel good about it. Relieved I don’t have to deal with this crap anymore.

I made the decision to stop the legal proceedings. Some would think I am a loser because of it, because I didn’t keep fighting for things that were mine. Sure. I’m a loser. I could have fought for years at this rate, but what for? It takes more to step back and assess the situation objectively than to bicker about pennies. The other side only saw the dollar sign. And today, they’re probably very content I gave up.

Deep inside, I’m a winner though. I walk free. I walk happy. I can finally undertake new projects without feeling the burden of this marriage anymore. I never needed the pennies. I said what I had to say, and I made the conscious decision to end it all because it was just better this way. I didn’t think of anyone else but me and my future. The other side didn’t matter. What they thought, wanted, wished, said, prayed for… I never cared.

I’ve been alone waging this war against the past. All the ugly memories, the bad feelings, they’re gone. I forgave myself. I moved on.

So for all these reasons, I’m not a loser. I close the chapter of a book that tells a story no one should really know about because it’s honestly not that interesting. But what I can do, and what I’m able to accomplish, this is the best part of it all.

The other side will never grow as fast and as beautiful. So I leave them be, and count all my blessings.


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  1. jlgentry

    It took strength to make that decision. You can focus on building and creating. Let him spend his time worrying about the pennies. My belief is you are richer as a result.

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