Note to Self (205) Looking Through

I am writing about this girl who seeks a way out of her own insanity by escaping into this evil parallel universe after eating a psychedelic chocolate… Volume 1 was quite easy to put together, but Volume 2 feels like a drag. Ugh, I just want to focus on something else right now and my mind is not on it at all. It seems easier to write about Kiki who’s going through a difficult recovery than to keep going with Death by Chocolate. I guess I’m hitting a wall – writer’s block that is.

I have no problem writing though. I’m missing inspiration. That story isn’t dear to me anymore. I’ve grown, moved on, and all I want to work on is my other story which is much more complex than this one – The Manicheans.

Alright, difficult day for writing. I’ll leave it at that. We all have one of these days. Tomorrow should be better hopefully.


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  1. kayfroebel

    I am notorious for this. I have 3416516513454 half finished novels because of this. I feel your pain, but at the same time when it is a story that truly motivates me, I always go back go it 🙂 You will get there! Your a talented gal and when the muse returns, DBC will come back better and stronger than ever!

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