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Website Makeover and Pen Name

Looks like I will be posting more, which is always a good thing. I checked last time I uploaded new content on my website, and shame on me, but last upload was sometime in 2014. Like I said. Shame.

It’s okay, like good wines, I needed my time to mature. I am also considering writing under a pen name, which I wasn’t interested in when I first started publishing but now it makes sense. I like to separate church and state. So I used a random name generator, and came up with Katarina Lebeau which doesn’t sound too shady. It rolls on the tongue.

The website will take some time to transfer over and get its makeover, but the blog will remain and I will change a few things here and there to bring it up to modern 2018 times. The logo shall remain the same, since it’s my brand.

By the way, the brand can be a little obscure so this shall be explained as well. The Manicheans’ concept was born in 2010 from a very casual conversation I had with a friend, also author, after she read the word from some random “word of the day” site on her phone. Manicheaism is a religion or philosophy based on a supposed primeval conflict between light and darkness. It spread widely in the Roman Empire and in Asia, and survived in eastern Turkestan (Xinjiang) until the 13th century.

Basically, Manicheaism explores the duality within us and the world between light and dark, positive and negative. I liked this idea very much because it represented, and still represents, very basic principles, on which I can build any arch I want. I didn’t think I’d use the Manicheans as my brand as much as I wanted to write (and it’s still a work in progress) a trilogy titled The Manicheans. This is my life project at this point. The books promise to be long, extremely complex and probably will get buried under a thick layer of dust once published, unless used as paper weights, but they will be (at least that’s my intent) very exciting to read.

After years of silence, I think I’m ready to kick ass. I don’t want to speak too soon, and I certainly want to keep building up on this writing every day goal I have, but I think I’m ready now to explore new things.

Before the Manicheans get out, I want to try to finish a novella I started at the end of 2016. It’s sci-fi. My new goal is to publish it this year. Start new. As Katarina Lebeau. And take it from there.

Behind the Scenes – It only takes #32Seconds – The meaning of number 32

Why the number 32, and not 30, or 15, or 5,000? Well…I’m a sucker for numerology and symbolism. number32

I flipped the number 23 and turned it into 32. The number 23/32 gives 2+3=5. In numerology, 5 is a dynamic number. Always in motion and always in need of change, 5 is feminine with tomboyish qualities. 5 is independent, and a risk-taker. 5 is loyal, but when not in a relationship, likes to fly from flower to flower without any strings attached. 5 can adapt to anything. 5 is charismatic, charming, good looking, smart, but drawn to be an outcast given anything conventional bores 5 to death. 5 is judgmental, self-righteous and sometimes, uptight.

Now you get a portrait of Julie Jones. She’s the number 5. She seeks freedom of thought and action, she cannot be controlled but is far from being narrow-minded. Her sense of humor is healthy, she carries her heart on her sleeve and often gives it to the wrong person because she’s not the greatest judge of character. On the negative side, she’s selfish, reckless and irresponsible. She tends to procrastinate and be unreliable. She will experiment with drugs, sex and alcohol and other weakness of the flesh. She deals with a desire for instant gratification, a sense of invulnerability, lack of discipline and restraint…

23 Seconds didn’t sound as good as 32 Seconds…Therefore, I flipped the number.

And there you have it. My mind loves to play with stuff like that. I’m all about yin and yang, which explains why my brand The Manicheans, derived from manicheism, is based on a dualistic system: life and death, positive and negative, light and dark.

Julie Jones loves that stuff too. She calls my process intellectual traffic jam.

Until next time. Have a good day folks!

Note to Self (205) Looking Through

I am writing about this girl who seeks a way out of her own insanity by escaping into this evil parallel universe after eating a psychedelic chocolate… Volume 1 was quite easy to put together, but Volume 2 feels like a drag. Ugh, I just want to focus on something else right now and my mind is not on it at all. It seems easier to write about Kiki who’s going through a difficult recovery than to keep going with Death by Chocolate. I guess I’m hitting a wall – writer’s block that is.

I have no problem writing though. I’m missing inspiration. That story isn’t dear to me anymore. I’ve grown, moved on, and all I want to work on is my other story which is much more complex than this one – The Manicheans.

Alright, difficult day for writing. I’ll leave it at that. We all have one of these days. Tomorrow should be better hopefully.