Note to Self (175) Hurricane – This time it hit us hard

Hello everyone!

I hope this post finds you well. I hope all residents of NY and NJ are okay, despite the loss of power. I must say this experience was something out of a movie. Water rushing down tunnels, flooding subway platforms, building lobbies, roads, trees broken in half, cranes collapsing on top of towers, debris flying everywhere…

I live uptown New York City, by the FDR drive, and therefore by the East River. I knew the hurricane would hit us hard, but I remembered last year, and thought – I am safe if I stay home. A dear friend convinced me of the contrary, and thanks to her motherly stubbornness, made me leave NYC on Sunday so I could spend some time with her family in a safer haven in Northern Virginia.

I thanked her and her husband a lot for their generosity, but this post is dedicated to real friendship and solidarity in time of need. I could have stayed in NYC, and then I would have been either stuck in a shelter, or in my apartment waiting for the storm to pass. I would have prayed. I would have petted my cats until they got bald. But I would have been alone against a natural disaster. Since my recent falling out with my closest NY living friend and neighbor, I have been alone – and lonely – and I knew no one would have called or knocked on my door to check if I was alright.

But life sent me someone else to share the good and the bad with. A wonderful writer, a beautiful soul, someone you want to keep in your thoughts every day. Her kids make me so happy, I love them to death.

And yes, I admit I have been an awful fan – she wrote two books and I’m barely in the middle of her first one, Wilde’s Fire. But the friendship is there. And I am deeply grateful for having her in my life.

Another grateful thank you also goes to my publisher Lisa and Eugene of Curiosity Quills, who have been wonderful to me too.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, but I thought, what the heck, I’m going to say thank you now.


Please check Krystal Wade’s work here. She has published two out of her three Darkness Falls books, Wilde’s Fire and Wilde’s Army.

Wilde’s Meadow will be released by Curiosity Quills on November 5. Make sure to check this blog on November 7 for a special giveaway!!


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  1. Robert Adams (@RNAdams2)

    Glad to know that you’re okay. Isn’t it good to know that there’s at least one person out there who’s more stubborn than yourself? 🙂

    And don’t feel bad… I haven’t even started Krystal’s first book.

    PS: You have more friends than you know. Just sayin’….

  2. Georgina Morales

    I’m so glad you’re fine and had a friendly hand to hold through the ordeal. Friends are the best present life can give us and if it took a hurricane to realize you had one closer than you thought, then maybe it wasn’t so bad for you. Best of luck going back to normal. We still don’t have power and a few other problems but there was no life lost, so I’m counting my blessings, too. 🙂
    Happy belated Halloween!

  3. Stephanie Reynolds

    It’s true, at least you had someone…. Although life’s too short to hold grudges! So why don’t you just reach out to your former friend and try to make amends? It’s times like these that you really look at yourself and appreciate what’s around you. I am sure with all this time passed she would be willing to make amends. Go for it, it’s better than being alone and lonely. Best wishes to you…. Really just do it…..

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