Note to Self (131) Unexpected Happenings

I like when life takes me by surprise and shows me new stuff I didn’t think were possible. Of course, the new stuff can be bad and ugly like the unfortunate episode with Mr. Whitecastle face you can re-read or read here. Other times, the new stuff is simply awesome.

Where does the awesomeness begin? Well… I heard from a guy I met very recently. We texted a lot, kept in touch that way, until he asked me if I was free to hang out, and I said, sure why not. I had nothing planned. I didn’t expect him to treat me like a queen, but he did. He did and that felt nice. I had fun, laughed a lot, went to see the Hunger Games and I just loved everything about the unexpected decision he made to touch base and spend a few hours together.

You know, even the episode with Mr. Whitecastle face happened unexpectedly. It turned out a disaster, but still… The beginning was nice.

For a while I didn’t feel appreciated for what I did and who I was. I left a toxic marriage and tried to find worth in the eyes of men I met along the way, because I wanted to feel desired again. It was unhealthy. The search for attention didn’t help me at all, until I finally made peace with myself and decided to stop searching for a boyfriend, and to simply enjoy life and meet new people. I made friends, and I played nice. I don’t intend to marry all the men I meet. Quite on the opposite, I love to cultivate new friendships.

It’s not about booty calls and quick dates anymore. I like the courtship. I like the seduction. I like to take my time.

I’ve a friend who went through a breakup recently and she is a bit too hungry with men. She jumps over them like food. Ultimately, they treat her like a piece of meat. I don’t want to be a piece of meat. I want to be respected and appreciated. And the more unexpected happenings will come my way, the more I’ll drive away from the bullshit. Plain and simple.

So hit me up. I’m always ready for a good time with great like-minded people. 🙂

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