Note to Self (96) Halloween

I don’t think an adventure like this could have happened without a few bumps on the road. We were ready to organize the party of the century. We ended up renting a bus that looked like it came from the gates of an old 80s movie. People canceled, other got stuck home because of the weather. Whatever. We sat on the benches and poured the first drink. The night had just begun and we were ready to make the best of it. Despite the rain and the snow, the puddles of slush and New York City as our ghost town, we wanted it. Bad.

It doesn’t take much effort to enjoy the company of friends whom I share the good and the worst with. They’re more my family now anyway. We yell at each other and we get upset, but we always give love and support whenever somebody really needs it. I changed my life because of these people. I turned on the bright lights and I climbed up the hill thanks to them. Sometimes, we didn’t talk for a while. They let me sit in my own sorrow and waited for me to recover. They offered me a shoulder to cry on, a couch to sleep on, and many times just a big hug, telling me that everything would ultimately be alright.

I know we’ll stay together forever. These friends aren’t temporary. The love grows as years pass and we still crave more time together. Last night was a success because we all focused on having fun. We danced and joked around; we did silly things and I took many pictures. When I browse through them, I see the light of our friendship in each of them, and I smile.

These people are my people. Through thick and thin. Simply love you guys.

Happy Halloween 2011!

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