Note to Self (106) A small tribute

Less than a year ago, we didn’t know each other. Sure, we worked in the same building, but we never got to interact. I didn’t have a clue you even existed. 

One day I was asked to help you on a project. No big deal. We didn’t really talk. Maybe a bit on the phone. Maybe we sent each other emails. Nothing happened even after we moved to another building, and again, our offices were not that far from each other, but we still didn’t talk. There was nothing to talk about. 

And then, we were assigned to the same team. The project was bigger and required more time together. We went from not talking at all, to exchanging a few words, to finally breaking the ice and chatting like we were the best buddies in the entire world. And after the project ended, we still kept in touch. 

I call to check on you. I send you funny YouTube videos to lift your spirits when I know you’re stuck late. Life has taken a different turn since we finally found that amazing connection. 

Friendship. I can say we’re friends now. I told you more than I ever told most friends I have. You shared my secrets. You shared my ups and downs. You helped me, you supported me, and you gave me advice. You never judged me. You never treated me like an inferior. You are there. Always. 

This is to you. My little tribute to your generous soul and your brilliant mind because you’re such a great buddy, I don’t know what I’ll do without you. No matter what happens next, I hope we’ll stay friends. Thanks pal. You really rock.

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