Note to Self (62) To a great weekend

I woke up this morning not really wanting to go to work, but it feels like that every Monday. I once saw a mug in a tourist shop on Times Square that said “I hate Mondays, but I hate Tuesdays more”. I should have bought it for the $15 it was not worth, just to have something to hand wash everyday.

I felt a bit disoriented, mostly because of all the fun I had this weekend. You know I tend to be very solitary and I like to play dead when everybody invites me to go out every Friday and Saturday nights. I always claim that I’m too tired and that I need to work on my novel, which is never far from the truth. I really enjoy staying home alone, petting my kitties and working on my writing. This is what makes me happy. This weekend, however, I decided to break the usual routine and I went out.

I don’t know why, or how, but the unexpected happened. I didn’t think I’d stay up until 5 am and then go home. I didn’t think I’d drink like a college kid, doing shots of awful alcohol all night. I didn’t think I’d spend the rest of my night on the roof of a building, looking at the stars, feeling the heat of the City wrapping me like a warm loving blanket. Well, all the stuff I didn’t think of doing happened…. and it was magical.

I love when everything works against my expectations to make my night not only great, but truly awesome. This is what happened on Friday, and rehappened on Saturday. I shared unique moments of a close friendship with girls I hadn’t seen in months, wondering why we never hang out more. The magic maybe came because we don’t see each other that often. I don’t know. I liked it a lot though. I felt free, invincible, my eyes lost in a drunken blur. That fun happens only in great company, and this surely was the best I could ask for.

Today, I feel hungover, tired, and nostalgic too. I miss the fun, and beg for more. I look forward to the next time we’ll all meet again. I shared my pain and my joy with these people, and they did the same with me. I feel so grateful for having them in my life. They’re my family now.

Thank you for the best weekend in a long time, with the most amazing friends one could ask for. All the misery I’ve been through is far behind me, not completely forgotten, but definitely smaller than it was a few months ago.

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