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Note to Self (176) Detachment

There’s something eerie about this dread that is falling upon me, like a rain of sadness, washing my happiness away, and filling me up with guilt. Loneliness, never far out, awaits my return. No matter what I do, where I go, if I look behind me, I see the shadows of my past looming, and…

Note to Self (154) #Change

Time for change has come. My revolution started over one year ago and I’m ready to roll even harder! Only greatness can be achieved if I follow my dreams, no matter where they might lead me. I’m all about hard work and sweat, love and passion, struggle, tears, and everything that makes my day an…

Quote of the Day #Life #Journey

The experiences are so innumerable and varied, that the journey appears to be interminable and the Destination is ever out of sight. But the wonder of it is, when at last you reach your Destination you find that you had never traveled at all! It was a journey from here to Here. Meher Baba DestinationJourneyLifeWonder