Death by Chocolate – Behind the Scenes of Ch. 5 – Second Encounter of a Kind

Things become trickier for Julie… Her journey to become a less angry person doesn’t seem to improve as she ends up in a mysterious jail cell, knocks out cold the little boy who brings her food and has vivid dreams about Kara again. And to top it all off, her expensive Cartier watch finally breaks and a Stranger covered in golden jewelry takes her to a blazing pyramid…

The watch breaking symbolizes the end of time – seconds, minutes, hours… – Julie has reached a level where that dimension doesn’t matter anymore… Which also means that if she doesn’t succeed in her challenging quest, she could for ever stay stuck in a state of limbo.

And no chocolates to help her either. What will Julie face in the pyramid? And what will the Stranger do with her? One thing to notice is that he wasn’t supposed to be part of her subconscious. He’s an intruder and his intentions are questionable. Will he kill her or help her fight her demons? And will Evan ever come back?

Read on Chapter 6 to learn more about Julie’s adventures!!

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