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Dig Deep #psychological #thriller #new

Thoughts thoughts thoughts… too many of them. I started writing again, and here they are keeping me up at night.

My fault for getting aggravated over things that are not worth wasting my breath on. There are battles I cannot win, why do I still choose to fight them?

So I get pissed off at things, then let them go, and instead focus on the important. I’m working on this new story to get my feet wet again, and am aiming for 30,000 words. I’m at 2,200 now. It’s a psychological thriller, with comedic elements.

I mean, the main character’s pet is a cat, and does funny stuff, so at least this part will make you laugh?

That’s pretty much it otherwise.

Spring is coming so I’m tired like the rest of the world.

Until next time…

Note to Self (139) #Jerk

I guess I have to be a jerk sometimes, even if I don’t like to be mean. Every rose has its thorns… And I’m no different than anyone else out there.

I’ve made a lot of concessions and sacrifices in the past, and now I feel every time someone wants to lock me down in a role I don’t like, I react very harshly. I don’t take the time to explain why things can’t work out. I just back down and leave with very little explanation.

Possessive and controlling personalities are the worst. Whether it’s a friend or a date, I hate when people decide they can rule my world the way they want. I grew up with controlling parents, and even as an adult, they still try to tell me what to do. But I learned how to deflect their orders and commands, so their directives don’t affect me anymore.

Yet when it comes to new friends and flings, I can’t bring myself to follow their rules. I like to feel I have a say in the relationship. I like to feel we make decisions together. I like team work. I don’t do submissive and obedient. And the more someone is going to force me to obey, the more I’m going to move away.

I guess I’m like a cat. I can’t be tamed. I decide of the perfect moment to cuddle, and I stay in my corner when I want to rest. I like the attention, but only on my terms. And I don’t do rough unless I feel like a wild animal every once in a while.

So yes, just like a cat, I’m going to be a jerk to anyone who doesn’t understand my true nature. Don’t tell me what to do. Just be patient and show the right amount of love, and you’ll get rewarded.

And I swear, the reward is worth the wait. 😉