Note to Self (234) Poster Child

I received an email last night from a very sweet girl I met a few months back who was job hunting, and she met with me to talk about career goals and how to find the job she wanted. This City is a world of sharks, I told her. It’s going to take a lot of determination and patience to reach what she dreams of. But nothing is impossible. She said in her email how grateful she was we got to talk and she found a job, not what she wanted, but she will keep looking for something better. At the end of the email, she wrote “I’ll keep you updated, since you’re my inspiration”.

Well, I don’t really know what to say to that. I never pictured myself as a poster child for anything. Especially not my everyday job. I never dreamed of becoming a lawyer. I became a lawyer because I had to do something with my life and at the time, going to law school seemed the most logical choice. Nowadays, I look back and think I need to make a change, but reality forces me to be patient. Writing, movie making, all these projects are being built very slowly.

I don’t know how I can inspire people. I’m not the type who pretends. Maybe I inspire because I don’t bullshit anyone. A dear friend told me the other day that my attitude toward things doesn’t really matter until people alter their perception of me. And if they want to see a poster child, they will see one, even if I’m covered in tattoos and I’m a goofball half the time. And she’s right.

Thanks to this sweet girl for thinking of me in that regard. If it helps her achieve her goals, then so be it.

I like to be an inspiration for other writers, and addicts because addiction is my battle. The rest is just icing on the cake, and maybe the cherry on top.

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  1. Toi Thomas

    I love hearing stories like this. I think we all bring out the best in others when we’re not trying to, when we’re just being ourselves. Thank you for sharing this.

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