Note to Self (232) Eyes

One single glance and I understand you. Our brains connected, we can finally hold hands and face life without fear. I don’t doubt anymore. Only feel. 

Your voice soothes me. Your thoughts lead me where I always wanted to go. The darkness is long gone when I stare into your eyes, for all I see is peace and understanding. No judgment. No questions. As you touch my hand, I absorb your warmth and drift away. There’s no reason to be afraid. I know you’ll take care of me – the right way. You laugh and I laugh too. You smile and I watch you. Never thought I could become a stalker. You made me one today. 

I see beauty in you. Imperfections too. You manage to keep me focused, without trying too hard. It’s what you say that keeps me afloat. When all is so unpredictable, your voice reminds me to stay in the moment. 

I come with my baggage but it’s no burden to you. You accept it as experience, wisdom and learning. Your life is full of skeletons you’ve embraced long ago. You’ve accepted who you are. You and I enjoy being weird. Never will we try to be different. No mold can keep us in a straight line. You know how to live the right way though. 

When we kiss I forget all about the crippling pain. You took it away with your magic. Only one look from your eyes, and the pain morphed into bliss. Pick me up from the ground and hold me in your arms. Show me love.  

In your eyes I see the truth. You make me whole. You steal my breath only to give it back bigger. 

In your eyes I see the world. I see your soul.

I see myself. 

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  1. James Garcia Jr

    Ooh! I like that. Very sweet.
    How are you doing, J? It’s been too long. I hope life has been taking good care of you these days. Take care of yourself, ok? *waves*


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