Note to Self (231) Talk To Me

I missed you. Hearing your voice, laughing at stupid jokes, this is what I need right now. I haven’t found many who could keep me entertained. The ones who do get my full attention are hard to find. It doesn’t take much, just enough to get the ball rolling. Maybe what I see as an easy way to catch my eye is something much harder than it seems.

I don’t need role play. I don’t need superficiality. Money can’t buy what I long to find in this lifetime. Words and only words will light the spark that will keep my fire burning forever. Are you up to the challenge?

Driving a Ferrari takes a lot of skills. Patience, dedication, just the right amount of love and care to make me drive for miles onward. Yes, I just compared myself to a car. I could compare myself to a beautiful piece of music, a brilliant book, or the most delicious chocolate cake you’ve ever tasted.

The spark needs to be there, otherwise I’m in idle mode. Words flow, intrigue me, make me want to know more about you. If your words don’t work their magic, I’m as good as a rusty pile of steel in a junkyard.

Under the expert hands of an artist, the steel comes to life. Becomes beautiful, eerie, and touches my heart. Open my mind with your words and let’s embark on the journey. A talk – a great talk – is really all I need.

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