Note to Self (230) Les Miserables

Oh boy, I haven’t cried watching a movie in so long. This was truly the most amazing piece of art I’ve seen in quite a long time. I grew up reading and studying the work of Victor Hugo – truly the most amazing author who will remain at the top of my list forever – and I forged my writing according to his style. To me, he is the master and I’m only the apprentice. The words of love, dedication, passion, raw life painted under his brush with so much finess and detail, resonate strong within me.

There’s nothing more I’d love to convey in my own art. So much to learn, so much to admire, I’m in awe. Watching the movie brought me back to the time of my youth, when I was only speaking and writing in French. The country where I was born has now become a distant memory, tainted with awful politics and a lot of other stuff that pisses me off beyond belief. But when I think of my childhood, and history lessons, how people fought and died for freedom, I feel joy. Nothing can be taken for granted. The way my country of origin has turned into cannot replace the proud I built reading the work of brilliant authors and poets who made this country the gem it truly is. Under the dirt, the hate, the lost values and wasted time, my country is beautiful.

I learned to love again through my love of words. I hope from the bottom of my heart the work of Victor Hugo will never be forgotten, because it’s pure heaven.

Thank you for this gift.


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