Note to Self (229) Impatience

Define yourself. Tell me in a few words who you are. Not the image you project into the outside world, but your inner self, the real you you only dare to reveal to the very few who happen to catch your interest for longer than a mere few seconds. It doesn’t take much to know who to trust. We have friends who last a reason, a season or a lifetime. But the ones who feed off your soul and manage to keep you on your toes, these ones last forever.

Stare at the stars and watch the milky way fade away into the darkness of the universe. What do you see? As the breeze brushes the skin of your face, your heartbeat increases and you take a deep breath. You belong here. You’ve always known you felt more than everyone else around you, but could never really explain how and why until this very moment. Silence isn’t uncomfortable anymore. You listen to the sounds around you and understand what they mean. Your mind races away, a million thoughts a second, wanting to catch the beauty of the black sky before sunset. You speak. Whatever you say, I follow. It doesn’t have to be smart or complex, yet I find a mesmerizing intelligence in all your statements.

A smile. Closing your eyes, you see beyond yourself and embrace every breathing second you’re awake. The journey to your mind has barely started and I already find myself getting lost – gladly – into the maze that are your thoughts.

When will I ever be able to finally get it all to myself, like the selfish and impatient addict I was born to be? I must wait. Appreciate the calm before the storm. Baby steps, before I can run and unlatch you from your ground. I long to unravel all the mysteries that made you who you are, but the few words you gave me as an introduction will suffice for now.

One can never think too much. Your mind holds a treasure that will never die.

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