Note to Self (227) Dream

Stuck between fantasy and reality, in a blur of sensations, emotions come and go like waves crashing onto the shore. I don’t know why my mind keeps drifting away, never at rest, always seeking the final relief that will give my life its true purpose.

The truth seems infinite. Impossible to grasp in the blink of an eye, it disappears and stays hidden. How can I finally shut down and let go of the past? Memories flood my brain, choking me to death. One breath feels too much at the moment. I sink deeper, willing to surrender.

But that moment never comes. And I wander awake in the land of my dreams, until I’m too exhausted to stand.

Life gives me strange gifts. Some of them feel soft to the touch, and others look attractive to the mind. But how much can I trust the feelings that overwhelm me? I may never know, as the truth slips away insidiously through my fingers like grains of sand.

I can’t think, can’t remember. All I see will vanish as soon as I wake up. Prisoner of the dream, I break free when dawn lifts the veil of darkness around me.

My eyes sting. My mouth utters a growl and I bury my head into my pillow. The dream was so beautiful, I didn’t want it to end. But it ended nonetheless because the truth escaped me once again.

So I linger. Wait for my light to shine. And the dream, my dream, wraps me in a cocoon of bliss as my eyes close and my mind unravels to the wildest corners of my subconscious.

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