Note to Self (225) Kiki Breaks Free

Kiki wakes up every morning thinking she could do something better with her life, like being creative, and entertaining crowds, but instead, Kiki’s stuck in a world she despises. If she could she’d leave right now and get in her car, drive for hours, listening to music, and forgetting all about her worries, her bills to pay, and the life of dread she wakes up in every day. Kiki just wants peace. She wants love. Human connections that make her life richer and fuller.

Maybe she can plead insanity when it comes to dealing with her life. Everyting’s too much. Too stressful. Too hard. She can’t keep up with it all. She just wants to retire on an island and write. Because words mean the world to her. Because words allow her to escape, and break free from the routine. Words are her passport out of the doom.

It isn’t dark where Kiki leaves. It’s just not bright enough. Not cheerful enough. Kiki seeks bliss. A break. A nice long break.

As she takes a drag from her e-cigarette, she remembers what it was like to be a little girl with too many dreams. Hiking through fields and climbing on top of her hill, at the top of her world, and staring at the horizon, wanting to take over the universe by storm. Kiki likes to feel powerful, and as she contemplates the realm of possibilities beyond skyscrapers, she sees meadows, and cows, and no civilization nearby. Just her, queen of her imagination. No crown or tiara, no princess dress. Just rubber boots, an ill-fitting summer dress and a straw hat.

Kiki listens to the silence and takes a deep breath. At the end of the day, she’ll be herself again. Not angry, not sad.

It’s just another shitty morning at the office, and she’ll make it through, because she’s a tough cookie.

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