Note to Self (221) Time to Shine #Maine

My cat missed me for five days. I left her by her herself (mind me, she had plenty of litter, food and water) because I drove to Maine for Easter! First time in lobster land, and I loved it. The drive took seven-eight hours, and yes, it was exhausting, but the trip was worth it. I must say the company was worth it too. Very well worth it. beach

lobster Lobster hats

I always blame the spider in my brain for many of the mistakes I made in the past, but this spider also helped me open a million doors that are each better and more enjoyable than anything I’ve done when I was active. And this feeling of true happiness is irreplaceable.

First, the food. Gosh I love eating! Especially when it’s tasty and juicy and yum! Can’t stop.

Second, kids. Gosh, I love them. Babies are so cute!! Especially when they’re not mine. Hehe.

Third, laughter. And for this I must thank my poodle. Thank you thank you thank you!! I had a blast. And I can honestly say I haven’t been that hysterical in a long time. Good hysterical at least. I got to thank my spider for all this love and joy. Now I look at life with a brighter, healthier mindset.

easter bunny

I sometimes wish I could dress up as an Easter bunny all year long, just because it’s fun. And then I’d give sweet chocolaty eggs to kids and run me with lobsteraround with them all day long until I’m too tired to move. The kids would drag me off the ground, yelling for me to keep playing with them, and yes, the day would just be terrific. This is the kind of stuff I’m looking forward to now. Simple, yet awesome time. This is my life now. This is the true reason why I’m here. My purpose is to be good, do good and enjoy my time on this Earth until my last breath. No more sorrow, at least not the way it felt before, and no more pain, not the kind I used to dwell on until I didn’t have tears left to cry.

I’m shining. Tall and bright against the blinding sunlight. And yes, I should have bought the lobster hat just to brag around with it but $7.99 for a hat is a bit too much, especially when you know you’ll never wear it. Let’s be serious, I’m not a lobster hat type of chick. I can definitely rock the pink sunglasses and the Easter Bunny outfit though.

Damn, I want one of those.




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