Note to Self (220) Thirsty Thursdays

Stephen Strasburg from the Washington Nationals… Ah. Let me just take a deep breath and contemplate all the talent this young man has. Nice. Very nice.

Hehe. I love baseball. And hockey. But the hockey season is almost over. I didn’t go to any games this season because in my past life, going to a game meant double fisting Bud light and Miller light and any other sort of beer they sold until I picked a fight in the staircase of Madison Square Garden with a Devils fan… Not pretty folks. Not lady-like behavior at all. So I must learn how to watch a game without becoming a drunk monster now. Which means, I’ll go to Rangers games next season. I still wear my Lundqvist t-shirt and jersey. Can’t go anywhere without them. Who would have thought seven years ago I’d be such a sports freak, huh?

I learned from the best. You know hanging out in bars and watching games while getting drunk is a great way to learn about players, and admire how much talent they have on the ice or in the ball park. So much talent… I also used to pick up guys in sports bars, you know why? Because girls don’t really go to sports bars. This way the competition is not as tough. I don’t pick up people in sports bars anymore since I don’t drink. I must admit you don’t pick up the best specimens in sports bars anyway. Not a big loss in the end.

Baseball season arrives in April. Already got my MLB package all ready to go. The Nats will beat records this year, I just know it. Stephen Strasburg, will you marry me?

Kidding. I can’t get married yet because my divorce isn’t finalized yet. I know, I know, it takes forever. My advice to anyone out there who wishes to get married is stay married forever or kill your spouse because getting divorced is a hassle. You might not get away with murder, but think about how difficult your life gets when you gotta deal with an uncooperative ex. I say murder is the best solution. It can always look like an accident. Just be creative. Think outside the box. And obviously, don’t tell anyone I’ve told you about this. 😉

Back to baseball and hockey. Great memories at games. I never went to a game and hated it. I miss it. I can’t wait to go to a baseball game later this summer. When the weather’s nice, it’s just a blast.

Alright, on that note, I’m gonna paste a picture of my future husband here and let you admire his talent too. Who said I was too selfish to share? And yes I strongly believe the Nats will win the World Series this year. Go Nats!!



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