Note to Self (214) Rockets Launched From My Snowflake

Show me your snowflake and I’ll tell you who you are. I walk to the subway today to find out the train is not running well, so I end up walking down twenty blocks to catch the express train which is crowded, of course, since subways are not running well.

I was supposed not to get mad today! Deep breath. Let’s focus on something funny.

If your snowflake is the most intimate secretive place you can think of, what would it be? Um. My lunchbox. A closet. The trunk of my grandma’s car. My dog’s kennel. A church basement. A cavern. Twenty-eight miles lost in the woods. Behind a waterfall. Under a rock. At the top of a mountain. Under my covers. In my bathroom. Behind the shower curtain. Under the bed. In a trailer. In a movie theater. Behind a hot dog stand. On a Ferris wheel.

Good lord, I should go to Six Flags. Do some crazy rides and scream at the top of my lungs without peeing my pants. Okay, okay, I like that. Maybe eat some chocolate ice cream too. Hey lady, don’t bump into me!! Gee, has anyone realized the subway platform can go so far until you actually trip on the tracks?

Batman. Superman. The haunted castle. Why are there so many tourists today? Right, because it’s Wednesday. Okay. Back to the rockets, lots of speed, and power, I don’t feel mad but invincible. People move!! I’m late for work.

Progress can be measured in inches. Or tenths of inches. Or hundredths of inches. I think today my progress can be measured in molecular inches. Sigh. The hamster is still dead by the way. But the guy is good at picking his guitar.

Yesterday I witnessed an incident on second avenue, one construction worker fell fifty feet down in the subway tunnel and there were tons of firetrucks in the area to get the guy out. Sad. Lots of commotion. Lots of lights and trucks and firefighters too. The traffic got stuck for ten blocks. It was quite a spectacle.

That City never bores me to death. I wonder how this girl can walk with her five inch heel boots. Maybe she just takes cabs everywhere. And sits down a lot. I love the kind of shoes you wear not to walk but to sit down and show off because they’re too uncomfortable to do anything else with them. Maybe you should walk on your hands with shoes like that this way you’d never have to wear the sole out and you’d save lots of money at the shoemaker. Or maybe you should get a grip and wear sneakers.

Hectic day today. I better start getting serious. The snowflake party will be for later. With my poodle.

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