Note to Self (212) I Don’t Feel It Anymore

I like this song by William Fitzsimmons. I listen to it all the time when I’m at work. So soothing. I always switch between crazy-hardcore-metal-grunge-techno-music-that-makes-you-deaf-if-you-stand-too-close-to-the-speaker and ultra-soothing-put-me-to-sleep-lullabies because I enjoy my extremes, what else can I say? There’s never a middle ground with me. Like my friend asked me to go for a walk, and I thought we’d be strolling around the park but we ended up walking like five or six miles all the way midtown. My foot hurts now – huge blister – I know, it’s my fault for not wearing the right shoes. Snow boots aren’t made for seven mile hikes. How many pairs of shoes have I worn out since living here? A lot.

We had dinner at this German restaurant yesterday and honestly, the food was alright but not great. Being half-German makes me a picky eater. The strudel was good though. I like strudel. My mom used to make this huge strudel with almonds and apples and cinnamon, and she glazed it with sugar and it tasted so delicious. It would take her hours to make it, but heck, that was worth it.

Strudel is delicious. So are chocolate chip cookies and Jolly Rancher candy, preferably sweet and sour apple. Yum!!! I’m excited for Easter, because I’m going on a road trip. Ah! Finally, I can take my car for a sweet ride.

Road trips are the best. I remember driving my Fiat Seicento – it’s really a small car, Google it – everywhere, and I transported tons of luggage, and five people in it. That car went through storms and let me down only a couple of times when the battery died and I had to get it towed. Between you and me, Italian engineering isn’t the most reliable on the planet.

I watched the most unappealing stuff on the internet yesterday – the Houston 500 – again Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about – and gosh, porn is just gross. I don’t get it. How can a girl let 500 dudes stick it in her and finish all over her like she’s some piece of meat? Talk about objectification of the woman body. Gee, we’re never gonna go anywhere if guys think a girl is only good to be a receptacle for their crap. I know not everyone thinks this way, but truly, watching this is like watching a really boring low-budget horror movie. If these dudes got their heads cut off at the end of each take, just like a praying mantis, heck, I’d be more entertained. This world is just weird. I’m not supposed to understand everything, and as frustrating as it can be because I’d love to know everything there is to know about everything, I really don’t get porn. UGH.

Oh well. Let’s move on to something more exciting. Like Mondays! And a huge cup of coffee with a chocolate munchkin.

Ah much better.


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