Note to Self (209) Who killed Kenny?

This time change is killing me. Heck, I love to exit work at night and enjoy a little bit more of daylight, but honestly, my mornings are rough. I’m crawling out of bed, pushing the snooze button until my guilty conscience tells me to get the eff up and jump in the shower, which I do, after feeding my cat because feeding the cat comes first.

The rest of the morning flies by, I walk like a robot to the subway station, my brain aching for a 20 oz. cup of ice coffee. I have no idea since when I decided to love coffee, but the less I sleep, the more I crave it. The subway doesn’t come on time. My phone’s acting up. This new Android software upgrade is driving me bananas. Do I really have to get an Iphone? I so don’t want to.

Life. I try to think of something funny on the train, while multitasking on the latest chapter of my Death By Chocolate adventure. This guy sitting down next to me seems to be enjoying his music. His headphones are so big they look like Mickey Mouse ears. And this girl is wearing neon from head to toe, nail polish and glasses frames included. That other one is smoking his electronic cigarette – that stuff is better than sliced bread! Talk about freedom. Now smokers can smoke anywhere and not bother anyone else because the vapor doesn’t smell. Technology’s nice.

This Eminem song is blasting on my Ipod.

Every flow, got it mastered, so

Every last word that you fuckin’ fags heard

Comes straight from the fish’s ass

Yeah, in other words I’m a “bass-turd”

Looking at me like I killed Kenny

Gas in the tank? Yeah, still plenty

Eminem always helps put me in a good mood. Exactly what I need to get my day going. My eyelids keep shutting and all I want is to fall back asleep. So beautiful out. Maybe I could go for a walk and sit down on a bench, people watch, and take a nap? Gosh, I’m exhausted.

A few more steps and I’m here. Card-key in the reader, the elevators open and I climb to the top of my dungeon for ten full hours. Ummm.

I miss my pillow.

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