Note to Self (202) Sober Game

It’s probably a test. Certain individuals who live their lives one way think they can drag me back to their shallow level because they can’t accept the fact I’m making changes. Drastic changes. Misery loves company, right?

I am still angry as hell. I wish I could let it go but I can’t. I used to be numb to the feeling. I drank it off. Not today. I’m human and I want to feel angry. This is me. I love myself. I am taking care of my health. I’m done fucking around and pretending. You don’t like what you see and read here? Move along. I don’t need low life individuals around me.

I’m done playing. If you have the balls to face me and tell me how you truly feel, more power to you. If you want to bitch about me behind my back, take a good look at yourself. While you’re pointing one finger at me, you’re pointing three fingers at yourself.

Time for bullshit is over. The sober game is on.

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