Note to Self (198) I Surrender to my Recovery

I attended my first group meeting today – three hours talking about addiction. After leaving the meeting, I felt happy. I found a place where I can openly talk about my issues, where I can let go of the pain that eats me every second of every day. I’m not choosing sobriety, I’m not choosing abstinence. I’m choosing to surrender and accept the fact I have a problem and I cured my depression with alcohol, drugs and sex for too long. This time is over. As a commitment to my recovery, I threw away all my bottles of scotch down the chute. I said a prayer and I let them fall far from my reach. I don’t need to be drunk to enjoy life. I don’t need to drink to write.

I just have to keep focusing on myself, and the road to happiness will show up. I’m sure of it.


Add Yours
  1. @JasonDarrick

    I went through alcoholism a long while ago. Believe me, if I can win, you can too. I’m always around if you need support.

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