Note to Self (193) It Feels Way Too Damn Good Not To Talk About It

Friendship. It comes and goes. Sometimes you fuck up something good, because you’re just a moron, and then when you realize what you lost, you either live in denial or you take action. Apologize. Make amends. Find a way back to where you were before you behaved like an asshole. Well, when things actually work out in your favor, you get it back. And it feels way too damn good not to talk about it.

Thanks for being my friend. You know who you are. I really was an asshole. You forgave me anyway. Gosh. I am so grateful. This post is dedicated to our everlasting friendship!

More power to us. I feel invincible.


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  1. Stephanie Reynolds

    Oh so this isn’t the one you wrote about before? That’s too bad, but good that you made friends with another anyway!!! Happy New Year!

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