Note to Self (179) Anger

So you were right. I’m not a in a good place. I haven’t been in a good place in a long time. I thought things were clear, and I knew what I was doing. But I didn’t. I was clueless. I just let me anger speak and nothing else.

I broke a marriage. I broke a really strong friendship. I broke other friendships and relationships because of my anger. I’m not taking the blame for everything but I’m at least acknowledging that I need help.

I feel like shit right now. I don’t want to break anything anymore.


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  1. Sisyphus47

    The path to healing and reconciliation is through accepting yourself and work, writing, looking back at the good moments, even if long ago: it will come back 🙂

  2. Robert Adams (@RNAdams2)

    Have you forgiven the other parties? There’s awesome power there. One of my favorite quotes, attribution unknown, is, “Forgiveness is setting a prisoner free, then realizing the prisoner was you.”

    You don’t have to forget your injuries or reconcile with the other party–you don’t even have to formally do it to their faces: just get to a place where you can do it in your heart. And, no, it’s not easy, either.

    This video (in two parts) is a little religious, but it does highlight the power in forgiveness very articulately.

    Just my thoughts….

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