Note to Self (178) Fork on the Road

My life is a blessing. All it takes is a spark. The light that makes sense. I’ve been following the path through the darkness, wondering at every turn which direction to follow. Balancing arguments, juggling with concerns until I was too exhausted to think, every time I let my instinct do the talking.

There’s no leap of faith without risk. I’ve lept several times and always landed on my feet, is this time any different?

I am my own savior. With no one else to rely on, I must do what feels right for me. So much I’d like to change, and yet so much I’d like to keep. I can’t have the best of both worlds. Life doesn’t work like that. So compromise I must.

At the end of this journey, I face the familiar fork on the road. Which way to take?

I’ve always applied the principle: things happen for a reason. God put me on this earth for a purpose. If something doesn’t come right away, I must learn how to stay patient.

Right now, certain things weren’t meant to happen. Others were. At the fork on the road, I simply follow the way I think will lead me to my ultimate destination. No looking back, no hesitation.

Whatever path I choose, I’m the master of my own happiness.

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