Note to Self (173) Feeling Good

New situations require adjustment. Going up the hill, climbing, sweating, panting, and finally reaching the top; it feels good to be in control. I see the big picture and I worry less about petty concerns.

I need to maintain a steady rhythm in order not to lose focus. Patience – yes – comes slowly, and I appreciate any given moment. Taking things for granted makes me sound like a narrow minded jerk. I’m no better than the bullies out there for judging the people in my circle. I know what I want and how to achieve it. The rest is only there to make the journey more interesting. Why should I settle for easy? There’s no fun in being spoon fed.

Challenges drive me further. I test my limits, dig deeper, learn how much more I can endure.

I must become wiser, and react less impulsively. I’m okay, really, so far I steered my ship pretty nicely.

So it’s all good. Yep. It’s all fine.

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