Note to Self (171) People

I can’t sleep again. Same thoughts are going through my mind. I know why I’m lonely. It’s because the people I’m surrounded by aren’t positive influence. They live life like a cow eating grass in a field while watching trains go by. No action. No projects. No future. Just eat, work, fuck, sleep, repeat.

The fact my friendship with this girl ended has certainly taken a toll on me. I have really no one left here. I’m done with a lot of things. I’m ready to close the chapter.

Impatience. I know there’s a better place somewhere. I just have to wait.

The only problem is that I’ve never been good at waiting.


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  1. Sisyphus47

    Nothing wrong with indulging in being a cow from time to time, the thing is to know when to change, when to transmute, and for patience… A skill to learn, rather than an innate property 🙂

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