Note to Self (163) – #Perception

I’m writing this post in response to Krystal Wade’s Public Service Announcement – please visit the link to her post here:

Perception is reality. We all perceive things differently, therefore we all experience reality differently. No matter what people say about you, your perception will eventually evolve when a life changing event forces you to make a shift. Or not. The pair of glasses you were wearing all your life suddenly doesn’t work well anymore. You need a new pair of better glasses, because you’ve matured, you’ve grown, you’ve learned from your mistakes and you’ve moved on. Or you repeat the same patterns because you don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with your life.

My father used to say: People are like billiard balls, they hit one another often, but never merge. Do we all navigate in parallel universes and never find a point of contact since our perceptions are so uniquely shaped to our persona? Well… I guess you discover friends and lovers once you can share your perceptions. But can you truly share it all, completely and openly, until no discord arises? Two perceptions will create disagreements. One perception will either surrender or walk away. Compromise will act as a mechanism to bring two perceptions to a happy medium. But what for? Why should I distort my perception if I can never truly change it?

I remember fighting with my ex over things over and over again, and the same argument was being used: I gotta change, I gotta alter my perception. But to me altering my perception meant not staying true to myself. And this is another element of Krystal’s PSA I really liked.

Be honest. Do what you feel is good. Believe the little voice within that keeps telling you you’re on the right path. But again… How do you know you’re on the right path? Since all you have is your perception… Then you start comparing, adjusting, debating. And you either follow your guts or you bend and comply with someone else’s perception.

If I were a serial killer, my perception would be killing people is right. But toward society, killing is wrong. So your perception will morph to what you learn by yourself, and to what you’re being taught by people and life events. Thus you constantly change your reality.

Another quote, from Confucius: If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear?

My answer would be nothing. You are your best friend and your worst enemy. The reality you build is yours to keep. Of course, given you don’t commit crimes as a hobby, and maintain an honest and truthful lifestyle, the journey will be exciting and thrilling, both for you and the world around you.

So what is your perception on perception? 😉

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  1. Krystal Wade (@KrystalWade)

    Perception is reality…whether it’s right or wrong doesn’t matter. It’s what you view as real. It’s scary. Because when someone else’s perception of us doesn’t jive with what we think of ourselves, our little worlds implode. 😉 But, their perception doesn’t make you right or wrong either. Differing opinions and all that.

    Society can influence our perceptions, and that’s why we have to be really careful with what we accept into our reality.

    Ack. All so confusing, huh?

    “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

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