Note to Self (150) #Marshmallows

I fall for it every time. I think I know exactly what I want until I stand like a child in a candy store and I’m not sure whether I’m in the mood for a Tootsie Roll or a Jolly Rancher. And then, I get excited for a Marshmallow.

I always believed I hated Marshmallows. What is there to hate about them though? They’re fluffy and sweet, you can eat them as is or roasted over the fire. You can eat just one and let it melt in your mouth, or grab a ton and savagely devour them until your jaw hurts. You can be smooth, you can be wild. So really, Marshmallows are kinda cool.

Why am I talking about Marshmallows? Because I’ve ignored what stood before me all along.

I thought Jolly Ranchers were my favorites. They’re sweet and sour and taste great anytime of the day. They kick you right where you don’t expect it. Tootsie Rolls are more mellow and subtle, but they also reach the desired level of absolute happiness.

Nothing’s wrong then. All these candy taste awesome, and I shouldn’t be picky.

Yet… I got enough of Tootsie Rolls and Jolly Ranchers all together. Been there, done that. Give me something I haven’t tried before because I wasn’t ready. Then it hit me. I couldn’t appreciate Marshmallows if I had a weird opinion about them. I had to think differently.

So I gave them a try. I let Marshmallows do a sexy dance before I put them in my mouth. I waited for the awesomeness to kick in. It took a little while. I wasn’t sure Marshmallows were right for me. Maybe I had rushed again and made an unwise decision.

And then… I fell in love.

Here they were showing me what I had been missing. A smile, a gentle touch, a nice back rub, and a wonderful kiss on the cheek.

I felt in heaven. Jolly Ranchers and Tootsie Rolls belonged to the past.

*If you think I really talked about candy in this post, then let me tell you one thing: I wasn’t.

Who are Jolly Ranchers? And who are Tootsie Rolls? Simple memories of a forgotten time. Bad habits I needed to get rid of. Guys who didn’t do it for me, even if I thought hard they did.

It’s a new time, a new beginning. And I’m ready to dive in.


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