Note to Self (148) The Jacksons

So… I got pinkeye. Yeah, not fun. I also had the opportunity to go to a concert of the Jackson 5 4 at the Apollo in Harlem.

The story of my pinkeye is by far not as interesting as the concert. 😉

The Apollo theater is one of the oldest and most famous music halls in the U.S. and is known for featuring almost exclusively African-American performers.

The Apollo is located in Harlem on 125th st. The theater is actually very small – and very cozy.






The overall experience is definitely a must do. Just because the Apollo is a legendary location to see great performers, and just because it’s something you don’t get to do that often.

Seeing the Jackson 4 definitely brought back all the memories of my youth. My first ever tape I bought at the store was Jackson 5 Greatest Hits. ABC, I’ll be there, I want you back… Oh wow, I missed Michael Jackson’s moonwalk on the stage for a few minutes. His brothers paid him tribute during the entire show, and it was touching to see Jermaine cry when he sang Gone Too Soon.

I gotta say, I was a Jackson 5 fan mostly because of MJ. I grew up with his music, and watched his evolution from the King of Pop to tabloid star.

Of course, his death saddened me. But what I witnessed yesterday proved to the world MJ and the Jackson family marked history forever, just like The Beatles. We get to see and listen to so many performers, but who’s truly making a difference out there?

The Apollo’s motto is “Be Good or Be Gone”. I saw legends. I saw true artists. I saw sweat and tears, and real singing and dancing, without special effects, crazy make up and insane costumes. Thanks for the journey. I had a blast.


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  1. James Garcia Jr

    Very cool, J. We saw them discuss the tour on Entertainment Tonight a few week’s ago and heard about the Apollo show. Pretty cool that I have a buddy who got to see it. I hope things are good with you. Take care.


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