Note to Self (142) My Violent Heart #NIN

I discovered American rock bands when I started hanging out with Americans. Music in France wasn’t quite as raw and badass… I was into rap between the age of twelve and fifteen, then I fell in love with the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys, and listened to all pop songs after that.

But rock/metal/hardcore punk didn’t do anything to me until my early twenties.

All my teenage friends were into Nirvana. “Smells like Teen Spirit” became the anthem of a generation while I hummed “We’ve got it going on” and “Wannabe”.

Oh well… I just needed more time, that was all.

Summer 2004. The iPod had just come out. I scrolled through playlists and landed on a name that left me guessing: Nine Inch Nails. What the heck was this?

I listened to one song. Then another one. And the Nine Inch Nails bug crawled through my brain like an adorable and mystifying disease I never cured.

Now I listen to music when I write. There’s nothing better than Nine Inch Nails to get my muse going.

My favorite NIN song is “My Violent Heart”. Read the lyrics and you’ll understand why.

Yep. NIN turns my inner fire on every single time.


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