Note to Self (132) Being an #Artist

I’m hitting the bottom again. I’m unhappy with a lot of things, frustrated with my life as it is, and I want it to change. I’m tired of the routine, I’m tired of the boredom. I just want to escape and do what I was meant to do. But how?

Misery loves company. I feel like nothing’s right. I have bills to pay. One side of me wants to go, the other side tells me to stay. I’d like to just take off and leave everything behind. I’d like to be free. Pack a bag and travel the world like an artist. No strings attached. No obligations. No responsibilities.

I’m at a point where everything reached a tipping point. And I’m about to lose it. The only good thing about being miserable is that I can write beautiful things.

Can I say something out loud?


Ah much better.

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