Note to Self (122) My Perfect Guy #MaraDyer

I stayed up late reading a book that was so good it actually gave me awesome weird dreams. I dreamed of the main character, the sweet and rebellious Noah Shaw from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (like a friend of mine already said, I want to have this book’s babies).

Ok. If Noah Shaw’s real, please contact me immediately and let’s have a serious talk. Because buddy, you’re the man of my dreams (and you’ll probably remain the man of my dreams because I’ve sincerely never met such an amazing soul like yours in real life). I feel like a man drooling in front of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and I can’t take my eyes off these almost naked girls wondering how much of their beauty is real, and how much has been altered with Photoshop. Sigh. Why does my imagination need to play such evil tricks on me? I didn’t want to fantasize about a book character. I didn’t want to feel all mush inside like a thirteen year old girl every time I read a chapter and there’s a scene involving him. I don’t even like the name Noah. I actually love the last name Shaw. Sigh again. Can I eat a full bucket of ice cream now?

Why is Noah Shaw so perfect you’ll ask? Well, here are the reasons: he’s tall, he has blue eyes and apparently he has a killer body (oh dear Lord!!!), he’s eccentric, he speaks with an English accent, he’s smart, he’s rich, he’s protective, he’s an awesome lover and he has a dark past… *plants a huge spoon into the bucket of ice cream and gulps a big scoop… chews patiently until the cold of the ice cream goes up to my head and I need to take a break* The absolute mix of a bad boy with a generous heart, the guy that will fight for you and will make sweet love to you and make you melt until you disappear between the cracks of your creaking wooden floor (let’s just imagine you live in an old mansion too and you’re haunted by your dark past)… I want him. I seriously will travel the world and look for him. Where are you Noah Shaw!!! At least with models, you know they exist because their picture can be taken. My Noah Shaw is only the product of somebody else’s imagination – what an imagination though! – and I have to suffer in silence because I know I’ll never find him in any magazine. Maybe there’ll be a movie based on the book and then, I’ll officially die, but my taste is so picky, I fear the actor chosen to play the role won’t be good enough.

Have I gone back to my teenage years where all I thought about were boys? I didn’t have a boyfriend until I turned seventeen, and he didn’t even count as a boyfriend. Sure he had a dark past and he was rich. But he wasn’t tall, he didn’t have blue eyes, he wasn’t eccentric, he wasn’t particularly protective, I can’t say about his loving abilities, he didn’t speak with an English accent and he was somewhat smart but not smart like Shaw. *grabs the spoon again and gulps more ice cream* I cannot say it enough, I’m so in love right now, it’s not even funny.

For those of you who don’t wish to be spared, just go read this book. It’s the best I’ve read in a while.


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  1. James Garcia Jr.

    That was a heck of trailer! Hmmm? Perhaps I will have to check this book out further. *sigh* My frigging TBR pile is huge!
    Now, on those rare times when I actaully see a Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, I never once wonder what, or how much, is real. I just try and keep the drool from my shirt. *laughs* Actually, we get SI, but the subscription without that particular issue. With myself and my teenage sons in the house, it’s probably better to navigate life with less suggestive images, not more. When the Victoria’s Secret hits my mailbox, thanks to the rare purchase of pajamas or robe for my wife, I don’t even look, but quickly flip it into the recycling bin.
    It’s called self-preservation, my dear!
    Have a great week.


  2. krystalwade

    Aren’t you glad you listened to me? I can’t believe you wrote this post. I’d actually considered writing something similar. I’m in LOVE with this book. I this book and my book to have babies. ❤

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