Note to Self (120) #Islanders

I’m a hockey fan. A couple years ago, my former office mate invited me to a game and I fell in love with the Islanders. My ex used to root for the Rangers, so I thought why not add some spice in my life by supporting a team he didn’t like? I think I’d still root for the Yankees and the Giants though, no offense to the Mets and the Jets… But the Islanders, I don’t think I’m being unfair here.

I lived on Long Island for one year while I went to law school, so I had something to share with the team. Long Island was my first home in the US. I bought my car there, I passed my driver’s license there, I learned how to speak and behave… Hum, anyway, I forged my weapons on Long Island and rooting for the Islanders seemed like a logical step to me. The Islanders also offer the cheapest NHL tickets… I think I gave enough arguments to justify my decision. Yet, I’ve never rooted for a sports team so much I wanted to cry at the end of a game. I’d have cried if the Patriots had won the Superbowl this year, let’s be honest, I really hate Tom Brady, but I wouldn’t have made it so personal. Same deal with the Yankees. If they win against the Red Sox, I’m glad, but I wouldn’t slice my wrists open if the Red Sox won the World Series… But with the Islanders. Wow. I felt a total different way.

It isn’t a matter of rivalry. It isn’t a matter of who’s better. It’s a matter of pride. And the same thing happened to me during the 2002 and 2006 Soccer World Cups when France got their ass kicked – actually blown away – during the first elimination round. My heart broke and I decided to never watch soccer again. Well, I’m not saying I won’t watch hockey again because I love hockey too much to quit so soon, but today, I can tell you my heart broke. The Islanders played the Senators and they got beaten 6-0. I won’t go into the details of the game, but seriously… The Islanders sucked big time. They made me sad to the point I rooted for the Senators after the first ten minutes in Period 1. I can tell you more about The Senator’s defensemen and goalie than about my beloved team. Honestly guys, WTF!!!!

The only good part of the whole afternoon was the intermission between the first and second periods. Since it was President’s Day, the Presidents’ mascots paid the Nassau Coliseum a visit. These guys went for a race on the ice and they entertained me so much, I wish they had continued ice skating against the Senators during Period 2. This is the bottom I’ve reached today.

I’m pasting pictures below to give you a little taste.

Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Jefferson... The race has begun and Sparky is the referee!
Oh they're going at it hard! Theodore Roosevelt is out already... He fell on the players' bench.
Close to the finish line!
Theodore Roosevelt sneaked up on Washington! He was such a cheater but he made me laugh really hard!
Ah bloody Senators! You got us good this time around! Ok... so I'm not giving up on the Islanders yet because I don't want to be such a bad fan. All I have to say is Go Islanders and try to be better next time so you don't go breaking my heart again, ok? I love you!


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