Note to Self (117) #Shoes

Today I felt so happy, I decided to go to Macy’s and buy a pair of shoes (on sale ;)). A picture of the hottie patottie pair of 3 inch heels is pasted below.

Yes, these hottie patotties are MINE!!

Now that I’ve taken your breath away, let me reminisce a bit about my childhood. I remember being five. My parents took me to the mall, and they bought me a super awesome hottie patottie pair of fuchsia pants and some hottie patottie pink sneakers with glitter. Oh boy, what a pair of shoes they were. I got so excited in the car, I couldn’t wait to arrive home to try them on and run around in them. When we finally reached the entrance gate, I knew the hottie patottie shoes would soon be mine!!!

While my mum and dad watched TV, I put my brand new shoes on and I beamed from ear to ear with a grin that would strike you out of the ballpark in the blink of an eye. The hottie pattotie shoes made me feel invincible, and I liked them so much, I wanted to keep them on all the time!

Well, I actually kept them on because I ended up sleeping with them. My mother made fun of me because I felt so attached to these shoes. Hold on! These weren’t any shoes. They were my hottie patottie pink sneakers! And I was totally entitled to sleep with them if I wanted to.

I’m not five years old anymore, but twenty plus years later, I still feel the same way about a bag, or a pair of shoes I really like. If I fall in love, I go all the way, and this means potentially sharing my comfortable queen size bed with my latest purchase… Hold on. I don’t really sleep with my pumps, but I could. Who could resist the hottie patottie shoes I bought today? I know I couldn’t.

Talking of sleeping with my shoes… who cares if I really do sleep with them? 😉


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  1. James Garcia Jr.

    Hmm? I’m having trouble relating me with the shoes in order to get the magnitude of the situation. *thinks* Could it be like buying a three disc collector’s edition DVD of some classic film? No? *thinks* How about a remastered special edition Pink Floyd cd? No? *thinks*
    Okay, I don’t get it!


    P.S.: Have a great looooong weekend, my friend.

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