Note to Self (116) – #Cats

I’d like to dedicate this post to my kitties. It’s been almost a year since I adopted them and I must say, they made me a very happy person. For dog lovers out there, you might think cats are the most despicable animals on the planet, but I honestly love them so much I actually consider them my life saviors.

I hit a rough patch through my recovery. Switching from married to single in less than a few months can mess up your balance real good. I wasn’t immune to feeling depressed and lonely. I cured my depression with alcohol – bad idea – and by going out to bars to feel like I belonged to something – an even worse idea. At the end of every day, I pushed the door to an empty apartment with nobody to welcome me home. I felt sad, useless, and at the end of my rope.

I knew I needed a presence in order to cheer up again, but a human in my newly furnished apartment was out of the question. I wanted to be solitary and I wanted to feel loved. Paradoxes ruled my life for many days after my separation. I didn’t know what to do and what to think to keep my mind distracted from the obvious: I was single again. It felt awful. How could I live with myself? I used to have somebody else to anger me, frustrate me, bother me and treat me like crap for years. And now that the hell was gone, I felt unable to deal with my own crazy mind. What a world we live in…

But things got better as soon as I entered the ASPCA. I asked to adopt an affectionate kitty. I ended up leaving with two fluffy fat five year old cats, a female and a male, both abandoned and in serious need of a loving home. I gave them everything they craved. Tons of hugs and kisses, a comfortable bed and couch, cushy rugs, healthy food and a safe environment where they could sleep, eat, and prosper an extremely lazy existence.

Thurston and Lovey filled a hole of immense solitude and pain. They purred in my ear and asked me to pet them as often as I could. Most importantly, they gave me their unconditional love. To my babies – I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. xox


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  1. Adriana Ryan

    What a sweet story with a very happy ending for all three of you! 🙂 The orange tabby looks like my cat–he’s a huuuuge love with lots of purr in him. I’m both a cat and a dog lover; they’re both so important and life-giving in their own ways. Congrats you on doing the healthy thing!

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