Note to Self (112) – Mean Girl

I was a mean girl today. Take me back home and scold me for hours. I reacted impulsively, I said catty things and I even hurt somebody. Should I feel bad about it? I don’t know.

I try to find excuses that could justify my behavior. I must say I could draft a laundry list of things I’d like to say to the person who pissed me off. Did I really need to cross boundaries and tell her what I truly thought of her? In my defense, probably.

It happens all the time. You try to be nice, you compromise, you cancel plans and you even fight the impulse of not hanging out with a certain person because you don’t want to give the impression you don’t like her. You take her attitude, her comments, her nastiness in and you still consider her a friend. But after a few tries, she suddenly becomes a toxic individual. She doesn’t let you breathe. She uses you just because she feels bored. She doesn’t care about your wants and needs. She is the problem, not the solution. As a result, you start ignoring her calls. You defriend her from Facebook and you stop following her tweets. You delete her phone number. If she comes to a party and you happen to see her, you remain cordial but you don’t start a conversation.

Now the way you’ll react and behave should give her the indication you don’t want to hang out as much as before. She should understand your hints, and back off. Yet, she keeps coming back. Your offensive line has to toughen up. Will you go for a hefty tackle? Or should you still play it subtle?

Well… in my case, I was direct and I said what I thought. I don’t take pride in being a bitch but I didn’t have any other choice. My subtle game failed terribly. I could have waived a flag with “I hate your guts” written all over it, she’d still have asked me to go to the mall. I’d rather keep things peaceful than start a war. But God knows how many times I’ve tried to keep things cool, and things were far from cool. I dealt with more drama in the past year than in my entire life. Guys are bad. Girls are the worst.

My favorite part of the movie Mean Girls is when Lindsay Lohan gives Rachel McAdams those high-calorie nutrition bars. I certainly haven’t come to the point where I’d need to pull a trick like that out of my sleeve, but I need to think of every option when I have to tackle someone down the field. So what’s the morale of this story? I smell as sweet as a rose, but if you come too close, you’ll taste my thorns first. I’m such a mean girl. 90% of the time, I’m a pretty cool chick though. 😉


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  1. Rob Adams

    I’m told that I’m a really nice guy. In other words, I have a rough visiting the truth on people. I think it creates more problems than it avoids in the end.

    That said, even a nice guy such as myself would probably have eventually pulled the plug in a similar manner.

    It seems you’ll be better off having done so.

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