Note to Self (98) I want my voice to be heard

I want to never stop talking through my posts and my stories. I want my stream to never stop flowing through my thoughts and my craziest dreams. I want to live until I die of exhaustion on top of my keyboard, my last breath taken from me in an unfinished attempt to tell one more tale. I want to love and never cry, only to feel more passion take over my soul and make me shiver of pleasure. I want to simply be who I was born to be, a poet, a writer, a lover of words, a dreamer, a utopian, a lunatic, a fool running after dull fantasies… I want to feel an adrenaline rush every time I see ink hit my page. I want to lose control and drive fast down the track. I want to catch the authorship light with my bare hands. I want to tumble and fall in a puddle of hugs, and maybe the puddle will someday become an ocean. I want to taste the beauty of this world, touch it and smell it, grab it until we become one. I want to fly through space and time.

I want to write. I want to create. I just want to be free…

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