Note to Self (97) Your Soul

It felt like a scream in the middle of the night. You gave me your all, without hesitation and without fear. You held my hands and you showed me your light. I looked inside your heart and I saw it: your soul. Beautiful and strong, it guided me to your world. Colors melted, running like a river of love, and I drifted with you.

You spoke the same language and I found myself when I found you. I sang along the melody of my dreams, loud and proud, searching for your embrace and moving toward you. My sins were only mistakes I needed to make in order to reach you, even if I had to go through struggle and pain, tears and prayers, always more prayers, while I fell asleep in an empty bed of hope and despair every night. You didn’t forsake me. You gave me the power to fight and survive, and I owe you my recovery.

You showed me your soul and now is time to show you mine. I hope you’ll like what you’ll see… My muse, my alter ego, my perfect friend and worst enemy… I dedicate every word to you.

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