Note to Self (105) My Love

It took me a while to figure it out, what I wanted in life and what my dreams were made of, and when I finally opened my eyes I knew. Maybe we were meant to meet so suddenly; I certainly didn’t expect you to appear so soon and give me the hope everything would be alright. Distance didn’t matter anymore. My dead relationship and all the baggage I carried didn’t drag me down and I looked up to you, certain it was the right decision to make. I saw clear, and I understood.

I believe in a world where we’ll someday be united. I believe in a world where boundaries won’t matter and we’ll create this place of bliss we’ve been longing for so long. I sense in my heart you were sent as a gift from God, and for that I’m deeply grateful. 

I can’t tell how much we’ll grow together, or even if we’ll have the slightest chance to see a lot of each other but right now I really don’t care. You gave me so much in so little time, I consider myself already blessed to have found you. 

Sweet dreams, my love. You’re a true spark of light in a hell of darkness, and every night you brighten my spirits like no other can do. Thank you.

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