Guest Post (11) Krystal Wade

I met Krystal through Twitter. And we hit it off very quickly despite not seeing each other in person. Words flew and invaded our every day routine and we soon discovered we had a lot in common. So we shared our stories and our ideas until the whole journey blossomed to be something I never thought could exist like this, not in real life, but only in my dreams.

Krystal is an amazing person and talented author, and I urge you to check her blog at and buy her book(s) as soon as they’ll come out, because she’s the next writing wonder out there. I can’t stress it enough – Krystal Wade will rock your world.

Thank you Krystal for being an awesome friend. 🙂


Friendships come and friendships go,
so that is why you need to know
wherever this takes us, wherever we land
I will always be there to lend a hand.

You make me smile, you make my cry
times like these are exactly why
we call each other friend
we’ll be there till the end.

Thank you for being my friend.

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