Note to Self (87) Sleep

Sleep. Why do I need it? Why does it matter anymore? I want to drown in a pool of dreams and never wake up, until I’ll find an exit from my plight by leaving my eyes shut. I am the vessel that carries a new breed of thinking, never to be stopped by the boundaries of our time. I wish not to be heard and misunderstood because it will add to the burden that I’ll carry on my journey to deliverance.

It isn’t easy to see through the darkness, yet I feel like a king among the blindness. I lose track of myself and seek another light, a fire of hope dragging me out of the hole that consumes me every day a little bit more.

Nothing ever made sense. It wasn’t supposed to. I listened to the voice of my subconscious and I followed the path to freedom. But I found nothing. On the contrary, I discovered hatred, loss, jealousy and misery, all combined in so many shapes and forms I couldn’t tell which one was which.

I have been fooled into believing that I could trust anyone. I was meant to be alone, wandering the streets of this maze in search of a better future. My mind took me elsewhere. To a different dimension. To a different realm. I cruised and waited for the right opportunity to jump off the ride, and I saw for the first time.

My eyes sent messages to my brain and I dissected the information with much care, not letting one single bit of data go to waste. I never thought I could travel this far.

I don’t need to sleep. I don’t need to breathe. I moved over, and I long for the existence that this condition bestowed upon me.

I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, the circle of infinity. I have risen to a new level. Immortality.

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