Note to Self (81) Sweet angels

I like angels. They seem sweet, and kind. I can’t even imagine them being mean. Yet, I met lots of angels who turned into devils very quickly… and it surprised me.

I was just a little girl, believing in the good human nature, when my ideas got suddenly shattered with a big pounding of the fist on my innocent face. Whose body did the fist belong to? My best friend.

I had many best friends growing up. They changed every week. I remember writing them letters talking about how awesome it felt to have them in my life. One week later, they would disdainfully throw the letter at my feet, announcing our official breakup and forever preventing us from sharing candy again, thus preserving me from childhood diseases such as the chickenpox until I turned 11.

Those were odd times indeed. I didn’t really suffer. I picked friends like I fell in love. Every day I had another crush. Yet, it hurt me to lose the followers I gathered around me as if fate asked me to keep searching for more, until I’d find the right ones who would truly stick by me for longer than one week.

I think it took me over twenty years to locate these wonderful individuals. And I’m happy it lasted that long, because I appreciate it greatly now.

These words are to you, my sweet angels, because you are real angels. You can’t lie and play tricks on me, and you tell me the truth when you send me tons of twitter love every Wednesday and Friday! I like when you say that you like me, even if we’ve never met before. You’ve seen everything there was to see, you know. My words always reflect my soul.

Of course, writers tend to exaggerate a bit when they start romanticizing things like that. I guess I should add: take everything with a grain of salt? But I don’t want you to doubt my words; I mean everything I write. My soul never lies.

You support my dream, make me laugh and cry (some of you are really good at making me emotional) and mostly, you see me for who I am, the writer, the wild spirit that fears no hatred with a heart ready to take over the world. You’re the ones who keep me at it. Every day of the week, every month of the year, I write these words thinking of you. Whether I feel happy or completely down, you always know what to say to make me smile. You’re amazing guys. You really are the angels I looked for and expected since I was a little girl.

I’d be nothing without art, and my art would be nothing without you. Thank you.

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