Note to Self (80) Heels

Black patent leather, 4 1/2 inch stiletto heels. It seems impossible for her walk, yet she strides along as if she was bare foot.

Her long black dress gives a peek of her legs, the fabric softly brushing against her skin as she takes up the stairs. The slit on the side of her left thigh suddenly reveals a captivating tattoo of a naked pinup. She looks straight ahead, her head held high, her shoulders pushed down and her back arched in the most sensual manner. Her eyes stay focused on the elevator before her. The closer she gets, the more impatient she becomes.

The garment she chose to wear tonight perfectly compliments her figure. She never felt so beautiful. Her long dark hair drips down her neck, hiding another small tattoo of a butterfly behind her right ear. Her fingers suddenly go to her lips, and she realizes that she forgot to apply lipstick. She searches the content of her little purse and finds the precious color. The bright red contrasts magically with the porcelain white of her skin. She checks herself one last time in the pocket mirror before pushing down the handle of the door, and enters the room.

It’s dark inside. All she can see are the shadows created by the furniture, but she knows where to go. It’s not her first time coming here. She directly moves toward the bedroom where she notices a shape lying on top of the bed covers. He has been waiting for her like this every Friday for the past 6 months. Same hotel on the West Side, room 903. She doesn’t know much about him, except that he’s married. He told her he loved her many times, but she never fell for it. All she cares about is the hot depraved sex. No strings attached.

“How are you baby?” She knows how much he wants her. His voice cannot hide the desire he feels for her.

She doesn’t respond immediately. Instead, she grabs his face with one hand while slightly choking him with the other, and slowly kisses him on the mouth. His breath stops for a second as she holds on tight to his throat, putting more pressure on each side, forcing him to completely surrender to her.

When she finally releases her grip, he gasps for air. She lets him recover while she moves away from the bed, her heels carrying her like a princess ready to become a queen. Nothing’s stopping her when she turns around and whispers: “Do you love me?”

“Yes, oh how much I do… Come to me…” he replies back.

His words make her giggle. She adores the power she has over him. She tilts her head, her hair falling down her chest and her arm.

“I want to see you.” She turns on the light.

She likes to watch him be so helpless, naked and tied onto the frame by his wrists and his ankles. All the things she could do to him if she had a twisted mind. She laughs. That would be quite a spectacle indeed.

She approaches and climbs on top of him, pulling up her dress to her waist. The diamonds dangling from her belly button ring shine with the light of the bedside table lamp.

“I like to tease you.” she murmurs, before kissing him again. Her right hand grabs onto one of his arms and plays with the fabric of the cuffs, slowly loosening up the knot as she gently bites his lip.

“I want to play.” she smirks at him and gradually moves up his chest until she sits on his face. He battles with his tongue through her sheer black panties, his hand struggling to free itself while she pulls away every time he gets too close.

When she knows he’s about to gain control back, she crawls back down, her hair brushing his chest, and her relentless kisses drown him to a new state of ecstasy. He can’t get enough of her mouth, as transported to a new dimension.

“Time for me to teach you a lesson.” she smiles while running one of her hands all the way down, and he moans. She takes advantage of the situation to tease him some more, until she feels he can’t take it any further.

She positions herself on top of him again, the fabric of her panties rubbing against his skin, and releases one of his hands. Overwhelmed with the sudden freedom he was awarded, he immediately unzips her dress.

The silk falls and forms a black puddle on the floor. He glances at the pinup tattoo, an inferno burning in his eyes. His fingers race up and down her back, then stops at the edge of her bra.

It quickly lands next to the dress. He kisses her more, feeling her hips pressing hard against him. She works toward untying his other hand.

Her small sheer panties ultimately meet their fate at the bottom of the bed, and soon her body rises as he grabs onto her stiletto heels, the passion completely consuming them. They become one and forget all about the outside world for several hours.

When dawn comes, she gives him one last chance at love during their final embrace.

“Until next Friday…” One kiss and she waves goodbye.

Black patent leather, 4 1/2 inch stiletto heels. The object of all her affection, and her secret of seduction.

As she glides away to hail a cab, she remembers the day where she saw them luring her behind the window of this very chic boutique down in SoHo. She allowed herself to splurge, thinking that it might be a bad idea… Obviously it wasn’t. She became a fearless temptress ever since she started wearing them, simply because they gave her the confidence to feel sexy again.

CFMS – Come F*** Me Shoes. The sales assistant assured her that they’d never let her down. And to this day, they didn’t.

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